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I am a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Bath (since 2017). Previously I was a Lecturer (Assistant Prof./US) in Computer Science in 2012, and a Reader (Associate Prof./US) from 2014. I have been fortunate enough to be awarded two previous Research Fellowships: Royal Academy of Engineering, 2007-2012, Royal Society Industry Fellowship (with Double Negative Visual Effects), 2012-2016.

I am currently the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA), funded by EPSRC/AHRC, with partner contributions from The Imaginarium, The Foundry, British Skeleton, Ministry of Defence and British Maritime Technologies.

I am interested in research problems that cut across different disciplines, such as Computer Vision, Graphics, AI and Psychology. I'm also interested in democratising technology to enable people to do great work - whether they are researchers or an every day person just wanting to be more productive or have fun. Past applications of my research have been in areas such as human motion analysis, recognition and synthesis, but I'm interested in any problem that involves understanding and modeling data. Applications have in the past been across creative industries (e.g. we worked on some great projects with the BBC and Aardman - 'Is Anna OK?' and '11:11 Memories Retold'), healthcare (e.g. AI to manage disease) and sport (e.g. markerless biomechanical analysis), but I'm always looking for new interesting ways to apply my research.

I'm also looking for bright potential PhD students to work on projects in CAMERA. Please get in touch if people are interested even if positions are not advertised. Apologies in advance if I don't respond to every email but be assured that if you have a strong background and the right project looks to be coming up I will be in touch!

Research Team

Postdoctoral/Engineers: Martin Parsons (CAMERA); Nadejda Roubtsova (CAMERA); Murray Evans (CAMERA); Yiguo Qiao (Living With/RUH/InnovateUK)

PhD and EngD Students: Sinead Kearney; Maryam Naghizadeh; Eleanor Crellin; Jake Deane; Kyle Reed (Cubic Motion); Catherine Taylor (Marshmallow Laser Feast)

Alumni: Jose Serra (Industrial Light and Magic), Anamaria Ciucanu, Pedro Mendes, Shridhar Ravikumar (Amazon); Alastair Barber (The Foundry); Wenbin Li (UCL); Han Gong (UEA/Cambridge/Edinburgh/Apple); Charalampos Koniaris (Disney Research); Daniel Beale; Sinan Mutlu; Nicholas Swafford

Research Funding

(PI) 2019-2021: CAMERA Motion Capture Innovation Studio (£901,391) Horizon 2020

(PI) 2019-2022: A tool to reveal Individual Differences in Facial Perception (£402,113) Medical Research Council (MRC)

(PI) 2018-2020: Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare Profiler (£165,126, Total project value £663,290). Partners: Living With, NHS. InnovateUK

(Co-I) 2018-2022: Bristol and Bath Creative Cluster (~£4m). Partners: UWE, University of Bristol, Bath Spa University AHRC

(PI) 2017-2019: DOVE: Deformable Objects for Virtual Environments (£128,746, Total project value £562,559 FEC). Partner: Marshmallow Laser Feast, Heston's Fat Duck. Innovate UK

(PI) 2016-2018: HARPC: HMC for Augmented Reality Performance Capture (£119,025, Total project value £517,616 FEC). Partner: The Imaginarium. Innovate UK

(PI) 2015-2020: Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications - CAMERA (£ 4,998,728 FEC). Partners: The Imaginarium, The Foundry, Ministry of Defence, British Maratime Technologies, British Skeleton. EPSRC/AHRC. (not including partner contributions, ~£5,000,000).

(PI) 2015-2017: Biped to Animal (£108,109 FEC). Parter: The Imaginarium. Innovate UK.

(PI) 2015: Goal Oriented Real Time Intelligent Performance Retargeting  (£29,997 FEC). Partner: The Imaginarium. Innovate UK.

(Co-I) 2013-2016: Acquiring Complete and Editable Outdoor Models from Video and Images (£1,003,256 FEC). EPSRC.

(PI-Bath) 2014-2017: Visual Image Interpretation in Man and Machine (VIIMM) (£121,030 FEC). Partner: University of Birmingham. EPSRC

(PI) 2012-2016: Next Generation Facial Capture and Animation (£100,887 FEC). Partner: Double Negative Visual Effects. The Royal Society Industry Fellowship.

(PI) 2007-2012: Exploiting 4D Data for Creating Next Generation Facial Modelling and Animation Techniques (£460,640FEC). The Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship.

Other funding: PhD Studentships, EPSRC Innovation Acceleration Account (IAA), Nuffield Foundation.