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Past Seminars:

Bath Evolutionary Social Sciences (BESS) Seminars

The BESS seminar series aims to discuss topics in the social sciences where the framework of evolutionary theory is being used.

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Date Location Speaker(s) Institution Topic Host
16 Nov (4.15pm) 5W 2.1 Professor Graham Room Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy Department of Social and Policy Sciences
30 Nov (5.15pm) 8W 2.30 Dr Ryan McKay Department of Psychology,
Royal Holloway,
University of London
Wrath of God: Religion, Prosociality and Punishment Dr Joanna Bryson
(AmonI seminar series)
1 Dec (4.30pm) 3W 3.7 Dr. Dave Elder-Vass Department of Social Sciences,
Loughborough University
The causal power of social structures: Emergence, structure and agency Department of Education
7 Dec (5.00pm) Biological Sciences room C51 Dr Luke Rendell School of Biology, University of St Andrews What can a computer tournament tell us about the evolution of culture? Centre for Behavioural Biology, University of Bristol