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Past Seminars:

AmonI Seminars

The AmonI seminars are a cross-disciplinary series discussing topics in the social sciences from ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Although it is based in the Computer Science department the series is directed to a broad audience with the aim of encouraging a better integration of simulation and experimental research. We plan to bring in external speakers roughly once a month. The talks, when they occur, will be Tuesday evenings at 5.15pm and will most likely be followed by taking the speakers out afterwards.

If you have any suggestions about the future speakers, or if you would like to suggest a speaker, please email Karolina Sylwester or Daniel Taylor.

Date Location Speaker(s) Institution Topic Host
30 Nov (5.15pm) 3W 3.7 Dr Ryan McKay Department of Psychology,
Royal Holloway,
University of London
Wrath of God: Religion, Prosociality and Punishment Dr Joanna Bryson
(AmonI seminar series)
18 Feb (5.15pm) 1W 2.7 Dr Julia Lehmann Department of Life Sciences,
Roehampton University,
Models in Primatology - an attempt to reveal the secret life of primates Dr Joanna Bryson
(AmonI seminar series)
22 Mar (5.15pm) 1W 2.7 Dr Nicholas Priest Department of Biology and Chemistry,
University of Bath
The role of compensatory mutation in the evolution of gene regulatory networks Dr Joanna Bryson
(AmonI seminar series)