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Artificial Intelligence

... describes two interdependent disciplines: the engineering of smarter machines using natural intelligence as a model, and the science of understanding natural intelligence using machines as models.

Note: these are historic pages no longer updated, kept around because history matters (see especially are awesome seminar series from before our tumblr page!)  This group is now known as Intelligent Systems.

Bath AI has internationally-known researchers in both of these areas. We are one of four research groups in the Department of Computer Science. But we also serve as a local resource for both professional expertise and informal association for those interested in Artificial Intelligence.

The links under Active Research Areas to the right describe current research at the university. If you have an interest not expressed under our current research list you may want to examine our Research Interests to find individual researchers from the Computer Science Department Staff who may be able to help you. The full list of Members and Affiliates includes students and faculty from not only Computer Science, but other departments and universities.

We have the Bath Artificial Intelligence Seminar, open to all, which includes both talks and group discussions. To be notified of seminars and other relevant talks, research and conferences, join the BAI Mailing List.

Finally, if you are a student (or researcher) considering coming to Bath, you may want to read our Prospective Student Information.

 Updated on Nov. 16 2010.